« Fleurs & Cadeaux is a Japanese snack bar housed in an iconic hundred-year-old building in Montréal’s Chinatown that offers a unique multisensory experience. The new owners of the former flower and souvenir shop have paid tribute to their predecessors by keeping the old name and maintaining the charmingly distinctive façade. 

The colourful floral menu design, the quirky name, the architecture and colour of the building, the jazz kissa-inspired atmosphere that’s somehow both retro and timeless, the plastic flower accents reminiscent of the former owner, and the pink neon lights that give the interior a rosy hue. . . all came together to create this original, supercharged shoot. »

Un projet printanier au restaurant Fleurs et Cadeaux

Photo Virginie Gosselin
Assistant Photo Thibaut Ketterer
Direction Artistique Rachel Lecompte
Décor et accessoires Audrey St-Laurent
stagiaire Catherine Desroches-Lapointe